Category: News, Uncategorized Post Date: March 12, 2018

Born Technology’s CrossCheck™ Real-Time Algo & DEA Monitoring Leads to Expanded Presence in London

Born Technology is establishing a presence in Europe due to the widespread acceptance of their MiFID II solution, CrossCheck. With CEO Derek Haworth leading the charge, Born Technology is well positioned to help their European customer base meet their monitoring and reporting regulatory requirements.

“After evaluating the European landscape, we determined we could provide significant help in assisting firms under MiFID II legislation, particularly with RTS 6 requirements,” said Derek Haworth of Born Technology. “We are creating a team in London and continental Europe that will onboard and assist our clients with these sweeping regulatory requirements.”  

CrossCheck has quickly become the flagship solution for meeting MiFID II regulations including RTS 6 mandates involving DEA and algo management. With algorithmic activity and DEA broadly defined in the new legislation, Born Technology has found that many firms are only now realizing they are impacted.

CrossCheck helps firms meet the RTS 6 mandate by simultaneously capturing trade flow across multiple exchanges and execution platforms and tracking order flow in real-time with beautiful visualizations and rapid triage capabilities.

With an in-depth understanding of MiFID II legislation and how it impacts the electronic markets, Born Technology is looking forward to helping European investment banks and clearing firms maintain regulatory compliance.