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Born Technology’s MiFID II platforms lead the way in seismic trading industry shift

Is the dark side of the moon coming on January 3?  A recent Bloomberg article compares MiFID II deadlines to a seismic industry shift. Soon after the new year, a sweeping set of financial regulations will affect everything from trade surveillance and investment research, to the booking of transactions. This will impact thousand of brokers, traders and money managers based in the EU, the United States and throughout the world… and time is scarce to achieve compliance!

While MiFID II isn’t precisely the rule of law outside of the EU, it is expected to transform the way the trading industry does business throughout the world.  Many non-EU regulators have taken steps to mitigate some of the impact, but market participants believe it will be easier to meet the highest global regulatory standards than juggle differing regional benchmarks.

According to Bloomberg, the research firm Tabb Group did a survey and found that even the savviest of investors have holes in their preparation.  Analysts said they found so many gaps in asset managers’ plans that they concluded the majority won’t be fully prepared by the January 3rd start date.

At Born Technology, not only do we want to help you meet these regulatory deadlines but we want to help you understand how this will change your business operations.  Give us a call to understand how MiFID II will impact your firm, how to stay compliant and how to keep your peace of mind!