FOW taps Born Technology for MiFID II RTS 6 Insight

Many firms that may not think they are involved in algorithmic trading or engage in direct electronic access (DEA) have gotten caught up in the scope of MiFID II’s real-time surveillance rules.  The unexpectedly broad definition of what constitutes algorithmic trading and DEA, under regulatory technical standards (RTS 6), encompasses the activities of customers as well as the firm itself. Coupled with the difficulties of monitoring in real-time, firms are left at risk of non-compliance at a time when [...]


Born Technology Presents on MiFID II at NIBA NY

Our own Ihor Andrushko was invited to speak at the National Introducing Brokers Association (NIBA) conference last week in New York. He presented a primer on MiFID II and the far-reaching RTS 6 mandate, which has impacted many of our clients in North America and Europe. We have included some of the highlights from his speech below. One of the most important notes in his presentation was that MiFID II is a directive, not a regulatory requirement. This means that [...]


Born Technology’s CrossCheck™ Real-Time Algo & DEA Monitoring Leads to Expanded Presence in London

Born Technology is establishing a presence in Europe due to the widespread acceptance of their MiFID II solution, CrossCheck. With CEO Derek Haworth leading the charge, Born Technology is well positioned to help their European customer base meet their monitoring and reporting regulatory requirements. “After evaluating the European landscape, we determined we could provide significant help in assisting firms under MiFID II legislation, particularly with RTS 6 requirements,” said Derek Haworth of Born Technology. “We are creating a team [...]