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Avoiding Common Compliance Pitfalls

With the MiFID II deadline upon us, we wanted to take a look at some of the biggest obstacles our clients face when meeting regulatory requirements. We believe there can be challenges around the interpretation of the legislation, false leniencies early on and sacrifices by firm management when becoming compliant. Please read below to see how we are helping our clients avoid these common pitfalls. Legislation interpretation MiFID II legislation looks no different than what we have seen with major legislation [...]


Born Technology’s MiFID II platforms lead the way in seismic trading industry shift

Is the dark side of the moon coming on January 3?  A recent Bloomberg article compares MiFID II deadlines to a seismic industry shift. Soon after the new year, a sweeping set of financial regulations will affect everything from trade surveillance and investment research, to the booking of transactions. This will impact thousand of brokers, traders and money managers based in the EU, the United States and throughout the world… and time is scarce to achieve compliance! While MiFID II [...]


CrossCheck addresses MiFID II DEA and Algo Management requirements

With looming regulatory deadlines, our clients have been looking for a unified risk monitoring tool. As a focal point for global risk management, we aimed to provide firms peace of mind around MiFID II compliance. CrossCheck™ helps our clients meet and manage the new MIFID II DEA and Algo requirements by capturing trade flow across exchanges and execution platforms. Firms can monitor DEA orders across multiple platforms and track Algo velocity in real-time, as well as visualize the order flow [...]