Introducing Jeff Hunt, Support, Server and Data Center Operations

Category: Blog, Blog Post, Uncategorized Post Date: August 30, 2018

Introducing Jeff Hunt, Support, Server and Data Center Operations

Born Technology is a team of experts at the center of markets and technology.  We are committed to finding better ways to tackle the toughest technology challenges facing institutional trading firms today.  We are dedicated, innovative and experienced in capital markets as well as financial technology.

This summer we would like to introduce you to the people at Born Technology.  They are building and supporting the reliable, flexible and unprecedented solutions that connect you to the marketplace.  This week we invite you to learn more about Jeff Hunt in Support, Server and Data Center Operations.

What is your name, title and responsibilities at Born Technology?  

Jeff Hunt, Support, Server and Data Center Operations.  I help keep the company running and ensure that we meet the needs of our customers.  

What is the best part of your job?

I enjoy the company of my co-workers and get to work with great people.

What was your first job?

My first real career job was as a technical illustrator at a small graphic design firm.  I got to draw illustrations of how to take apart your John Deere small products – mowers, tractors etc.  It was a great experience and a great start for a 17 year old high schooler. The owner gave me a big break and let me start out small but I was able to find a niche and build on it.  

How did you get into the derivatives industry?

After being in IT for a number of years a friend at a hedge fund connected me with them and their support team.

What are some of the most pressing challenges facing the trading industry today?

Over regulation. It seems to me that the added regulation to markets does not serve to better the markets in a way that they are intended to do so.  Also, the new rules aren’t necessarily making the markets less risky, instead they are making traders live in fear of the rules that seem to be less than static in an ever changing trading world.

What was the best piece of advice you ever received?

Never forget what is most important in life and keep it in the right perspective.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I would love to live in Colorado because I like the mountains and enjoy winter sports -to skiing and snowboarding.  Or I would like to live in Israel because I love the history of that part of the world.

Do you have any pets?

We have a dog named Genevieve.

If you could go to coffee with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?  

C.S. Lewis or Francis Schaeffer – both men were wise thinkers.